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Monitoring of Liquidambar cultivation 35L Container

Vannucci Piante Italy

A supplier of ornamental plants since 1938, Vannino Vannucci senior, the company’s founder, started business with less than one hectare of space and grew four species: holly oaks, pines, boxwoods and magnolias, which he sold at city markets. Today, the nurseries span over 560 hectares, with a range of over 3000 species and varieties that decorate parks, gardens, balconies and urban spaces in 60 countries around the world. A leading company that applies its code of ethics in all daily procedures and operates in line with the highest environmental certifications.


liquidambar, stock monitoring, scorching


When growing Liquidambar in containers, it is important to ensure a good and regular supply of water and to prevent the substrate from drying out. Any lack of water can cause damage to the plant in a short time, such as scorching on the outer parts of the leaves.


By measuring humidity, it is possible to adjust irrigation schedules with precision, avoiding low levels of humidity in the container. By monitoring the plants in various positions in the plot, it is also possible to eliminate the differences in humidity due to different exposure to the sun or wind.