The nurset system


nurset system operation

system operation

Digital monitoring of plant nursery cultivation

Digital monitoring
of plant nursery cultivation

Custom modules according
to your needs

nurset track the cultivation of plants in nurseries. It consists of an electronic setup of sensors and connectivity devices for gathering and transmitting data, and a web portal for viewing insights.
nurset system is based, at a software level, on integrated modules that allow real-time monitoring of many parameters.
These modules are integrated according to the monitoring needs of every single activity, of every single nursery.

System monitoring
through Iot platform

nurset is an IoT system for monitoring the cultivation of plants in nurseries.Thanks to an array of sensors, installed in a minimally invasive way in technical housing units such as a pump room, Nurset is capable of detecting:

  • water consumption
  • energy consumption
  • pre- and post-filter pressure
  • amount of fertiliser in the fertigation tank

The real-time and historical data can be consulted on the web portal, allowing for analysis by means of graphs or reports. The alarms function allows you to set threshold values for receiving e-mails or text messages when an anomaly occurs.

Cultivation monitoring:
all data in real-time

nursetuses sensors installed near the plant stock. This simple and non-invasive installation allows monitoring for any arrangement of beds in your nursery. The dedicated sensors do not alter or compromise plant growth. Energy is provided by a solar panel. Thanks to its set of installed sensors, Nurset is able to measure and record:
  • substrate data: humidity, salinity, soil temperature and irrigation time
  • environment data: wind speed and direction, temperature
These measurements are sent via Gsm or wi-fi by the nurset box, which is connected to the sensors, to a cloud platform that enables you to manage data remotely. Once you enter your dedicated web portal, you can view real-time or historical data, as well as consult easy-to-read graphs or export reports. In the alarms section of the portal, you can set the threshold values for the measured parameters and receive notifications via e-mail or text message when the critical values are reached.

Digital campaign notebook

This feature is a quick and simple way to check and record all activities related to agronomic interventions and phytosanitary treatments carried out daily by assistants.

In this way it is possible to keep track of all conducted interventions, integrating the automatically detected data with the specific agronomic treatment data.

System monitoring:
irrigation driven

This feature allows you to control, record and activate, in a simple and immediate way, all activities related to irrigation practices.

In this way it is possible to intervene (even automatically) based on the needs of the plants, thanks to the data collected in real-time.

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