Use cases

Thuja Plant cultivation

Giorgio Tesi Group Italy

Giorgio Tesi Group is an internationally renowned player that exports to over 60 countries around the world, thanks to a diversified production on over 500 hectares of land spread between the production centres of Pistoia and other branches throughout Italy.


thuja, stock monitoring, water imbalances


The thuja plant is a very sensitive to water imbalances which can cause irreparable damage, such as rotting due to overwatering or dehydration due to lack of water; humidity is another variable that can cause different growth of plants within the growing plot.


nurset stock monitoring: by measuring the temperature, humidity and salinity of the substrate in real-time, it is possible to monitor the parameter levels in different points of the growing plot, with the aim of equalising humidity across the bed. It is also possible to detect critical values of the measured parameters to promptly correct water imbalances that are harmful to growth.